Heather has a unique and down to earth approach when it comes to fitness, with many talents and skills to share. She understands that getting into shape is not everyone’s favorite hobby and can be downright scary for others.  Having struggled with her weight in the past; she has personal experience when it comes to eating habits and body image. That is why she always focuses on always creating a safe and welcoming environment for you.
Heather has completed her Nutritional Therapist Certification and is happy to answer any diet or nutrition questions you may have. In the world of cleansing fads, detox diets and downright myths… there can be a lot of confusion and sometimes it helps to have a professional help with advice and guidance. Not only will she aid in weight loss; but she will help you understand the much larger picture of how a balanced diet should look and why it is so important to maintain homeostasis. Minerals, vitamins, deficiencies, supplements, pre and probiotics, free radicals and antioxidants all play a very important role in living happy healthy lives.
She also has an additional unique twist in the fitness industry. In 2007 Heather began her career as a paramedic with B.C. Ambulance Service. She is passionate about helping people as well as focused and experienced in emergencies. She has diverse knowledge of human anatomy, disease, pharmacology, bio mechanics, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and cardiac issues. With having this second career, she is all too familiar with stress disorders that  sometimes she and her co-workers struggle with, such as:  anxiety, dissociation, P.T.S.D, depression, substance abuse, sleep disorders to name a few.  This is why Heather truly believes there needs to be a healthy connection between mind and body; a physical outlet to release some endorphin’s and literally blow off some steam.
Heather is a Certified Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist.  Everything from thinking about losing weight to get pregnant, safely building strength while pregnant and getting back into the swing of things once babe is here. She has plenty of experience with all the pregnancy stages and issues that occur before and after child birth. Mobility issues, heart burn, gestational diabetes, diastasis recti, preeclampsia, anemia, pelvic floor exercises and traumas, mummy tummmy, post partum depression, placenta previa, not to mention sleep deprivation! Pregnancy is a great time to start getting into a healthy fitness routine. In January 2013 Heather became a mother herself and has a profound respect for those trying to achieve their goals while raising little ones. That is why all her sessions are baby, kid & dog friendly, because she knows that sometimes parents just can’t find time to juggle it all.  Heather will always support and encourage parents to include the whole family in outdoor physical exercise; as by setting an example you  are installing a solid foundation for positive healthy habits.
Heather has learned many invaluable lessons about motivation, team building and problem solving. She is a true believer, that with a positive attitude and hard work any person can achieve their goals. Regardless of age, sex or fitness level. She is excellent at motivating you to achieving your maximum potential.
She is an independent, personal trainer located in the Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island. Her decision to stay out of big gyms is because she never wants to hear someone say they cannot afford a great trainer. This is why she is focused on making her rates as affordable as possible. Thus all services provided, are out of the local gym. (Clients home, outdoors etc.)  Vancouver Island is the perfect environment to reconnect with your body and appreciate the beauty around us. If you haven’t worked out outside yet, you should give it a shot!

Heather currently holds the following licences:
• BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
• Certified Group Fitness Instructor
• Certified Nutritional Therapist
• Certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist
• Primary Care Paramedic
In addition Heather has also taken extensive continuing education in the following areas:
• Revealing Muscle Imbalances  – Lower Body
• Revealing Muscle Imbalances – Upper Body
• Exercise Rehabilitation for the Shoulder
• Exercise Rehabilitation for the Lower Back
• Prenatal Yoga Instruction
• Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Solutions