baby weight
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baby weight

So my client asked how  the whole weight loss thing was going so I figure I might as well spill the beans.

Katia is now 8 months old and I’am officially down 50 pounds. I have 10 more pounds to lose to be back to my pre-baby weight, and 19 more pounds to lose to be pre-First baby weight.

I’m aiming to lose another 15 pounds and will reassess how I feel about myself once there.

Things that I have discovered….

My body has changed significantly. I didn’t appreciate how well my body bounced back after the first babe. I didn’t get any stretch marks, my tits went back to ‘normal’, if I put on makeup I looked hot! However with this second baby, holy hell. My boobs I’ve given up on. They are feed sacks that are no longer my property. I am so so so tired. I haven’t slept in months. If you notice, I haven’t cut my hair since I had the latest kiddo. I HAVE SO MANY GREYS IN MY HAIR AS WELL !!! I barely wear makeup and when I do I sometimes wonder if there is even a point. My stretch marks are there. They are a different colour and quite obvious. They will probably never go away, and I am ok with that. My tummy will forever be a mummy tummy. I am ok with that too. I think the reason why I have a hard time with a lot of these changes, is because I have come to discover that pregnancy and post baby time is actually a short time. A woman’s body goes through so much change in such a short time. Most people don’t gain 30-50 lbs and try to lose 30-50 lbs in the course of 18 months.  Most people pack it on slowly. A few pounds one year, a few shitty months later, few more… then boom you are in  a whole new body.  By the time most people are ready to lose the weight, they have been in that body shape for quite a long time.  I’m just making a point that mums shouldn’t feel the need to lose the weight so fast.  As their bodies have already gone through a magnificent transformation just to get baby out into this world. And who the hell are we kidding; it is SO hard to find time and energy to devote to ones self once kids have entered the world.


So here is my vulnerable truth body. Its not where I want it to be just yet. However, I know that I haven’t put as much effort into training as I would like, so I shouldn’t be surprised.  I can see my abs coming back finally, so thats a plus. Butt, I have discovered that I need to start doing squats. So onward into summer! Hopefully by the time babe has her first birthday I will have an uplifting “Im proud of my progress” blog post. Until then, Cheers!
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