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being a mom

Sooo.. Im a mom.a_090328_FatMom01

I apologize to whoever is out there. I have neglected this website of mine. Being a mom. Its fricken amazing. (we are the few and far between with the perfect baby. She never fusses, sleeps well, eats well and is adorable… Im sure the next one will be a monster.)

I just wanted to address the whole getting back into shape post baby……. Ive been blessed to lose 35 of the FIFTY pounds that I gained while pregnant. Im a trainer and I ate clean and trained all throughout my pregnancy. I still gained FIFTY big ones. So moms to be out there. Please do not worry about gaining weight while you are pregnant. I have been obsessed with my body for years. I was horrified about gaining weight while pregnant. But I accepted that it was going to happen and decided to continue staying active and roll with the punches. (I cried when I had to buy larger undies… and when my jeggings tore… and when I didn’t have chocolate in the house)

Back to the BABY WEIGHT… I dont know who these fucking women are in Hollywood that are mamma role models. They have millions of dollars, chefs, nannies, maids, personal trainers, AND TIME. They are NOT real people. I have now forbid myself from looking up to these non-human-mothers that have managed to lose all their baby weight and then some. They honestly used to be my idles. “Im going to squeeze that thing out and get on with life and run the marathon 6 months later.”



HA! HA HA HA HA! I JUST PEED MYSELF.  (its true. it happens)


I was privileged to have my husband take all the pat leave, so I can train clients here and there and chill with the family. I had a husband off for 6 months. My baby took the bottle no probs, I had someone to help with cleaning the house, cuddling with the baby, walking the dog, allowing for me time and girls night out……. And I still haven’t lost those 15 extra pounds. And you know what?

I don’t give a shit!

Im more curvy than I have ever been. In all the right places. Im active. I eat….. clean-ish. I just don’t care. I have a new found empathy for parents who are trying to lose weight. Good on you for dedicating some time for yourself, and if you cant. Dont worry, you are a good parent and even going out for a walk is a step in the right direction. No stress. Everything is good. life is good.