Big Move
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Big Move

Clients and friends.
I had never planned on writing you this. I was planning on talking to every single person individually and in person. However I managed to tell one person and burst into tears.. so here we go… I will be moving to Vancouver Island for February 2015.
It has been a sudden and overwhelming decision.
Between juggling a flourishing business, working night shifts in between clients, loving and guiding a child & dog, supporting my husband while he goes through school and works full time shift work, paying for childcare and living in the most expensive city in North America. Something had to give… it was always the plan, however we had never expected the day to arrive so soon and suddenly.

Since the decision has been made I have been overwhelmed with thoughts about my clients and bootcampers. Believe it or not I see you guys more than my friends and sometimes my family.
I have been with my clients and bootcampers when times have been horrible and amazing, through thick and fit. I can honestly say that I think about all of you all the time. I truly realized this when the decision came down…. I haven’t been able to sleep or be free of worry since. However. I  am happy to say that Lissette & Faolan are going to be the BEST people to take over for me.

Lissette gets it. She and I can finish each other’s sentences…. she’s a down to earth, approachable and a skilled trainer who knows how to get you in shape and help you find inner balance. Faolan has been in the industry for over 15 years, he knows the in’s and out’s of almost all muscle groups and has a great deal of experience with strength and conditioning in athletes.

I understand that shits’ just hit the fan in your head right now… please join me in drinking a numbing glass of wine.. .it helps…


As a wise woman once said “Everyone needs to go through a transition.”  Its true, we all need to go through a transition, even if we don’t feel its the best choice or if  is down right horrifying.

**sip* *sip*** *sob** sob**

There is a silver lining in all of this…..

Did any of you EVER IMAGINE  this business would ACTUALLY TURN INTO A REAL BUSINESS??!!?

Holy shit you guys! After training in the pissing rain, snow & wind…. After thousands of hours of sweating in the beautiful sunshine, late at night, pre-dawn and in between night shifts…. you guys have  turned this into a real businessYou have made the decision to train with a small and local business. and YOU are the reason this business is flourishing and can afford to hire TWO NEW trainers.

Thank you. For creating a Happy & Healthy business, community and family.  

I don’t leave until the end of January…. I’m not moving to Antarctica, I am always one call, text or email away, I WILL be back for an event every other month for Upcoming Events! You are in capable hands and I am here to help with  the transition.

oh ya… and there will be a going away party…..


JANUARY- 24- 2015

Please be there or ill kill you =)