Bookings & Cancellations
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Bookings & Cancellations

Ok so we have received a few questions about how the new booking system works lets try  to address as many as we can right now


  • Bookings How to book a Personal training session
    • • Click Here To start booking 
    • • Select a service that you would like to book
    • • Choose your location
    • • Pick a date, time & trainer that works for you!

  • Booking – How To book a Group training, Partner training or Group yoga class
    1. • Have ONE PERSON Click Here to book
    2. • Select a service that you would like to book
    3. • Choose your location
    4. • pick a date, time and trainer that works for you
    5. • Once the session has been booked, fire off an email Here and give the names of the other participants in your session and your trainer will manually add everyone else to the booking

  • Cancellations & Rescheduling – How to cancel and reschedule a session
    1. • log into your account, under “upcoming schedule” you will see a list of sessions
    2. • click on the blue highlighted portion of the session you wish to cancel
    3. • scroll down to the bottom and click “CANCEL  REGISTRATION”
    4. • confirm that you want to cancel
    5. • Then reschedule the session for whatever works better for you
    6. • If you need to cancel last minute (less than 24 hours) the session will be deducted from your Deal / package. (However everyone gets 1 free last minute cancellation)
    7.  • please note! In order to receive any PACKAGE clients need to train a certain number of times per week… ie- personal training 2x a week minimum = the Personal training deal EXPIRES 6 weeks after purchase date.  Partner training 1 x a week minimum =  the Partner training deal EXPIRES 11 weeks after purchase date. Please remember this when you are rebooking a cancelled session. If  you book your make up session past the expiry date, that session will not be included in the package already paid for.

  • Notifications Check your junk mail
    • • Notifications are a bit chaotic… just click “stop notifications” at the bottom of the email and you will no longer be notified for this reminder etc…
    • • There is a text message option, if you prefer that over email. (Steps to this option are in your frontdesk emails)
    • • You can also add your workout schedule to your i-cal, google calendar or other personal calendar. This way its automatically updated if you or your trainer need to move things around. To do this: log into your front desk account, click “Subscribe to calendar” on the far right column, follow the steps there.

  • Payment – Payment options
    • • Once you are all booked up, we will send you an invoice for your services including the GST
    •  • We do not accept Cash
    •  • We can accept e-transfers sent to  Or you can pay via credit card through the front desk site.
    • • If you are on the Vancouver Island Location we can still accept cheques made out to “Happy and Healthy Fitness”