Bootcamp bye bye
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Bootcamp bye bye


Its official. I’m letting go of my most favourite class. I have spent many hours pondering over this, and have decided to drop my amazing bootcamp classes.  August 27th 2014 will be our last class.

I have always been someone to pack my plate a little too much… (metaphorically and literally) I love it. I love being busy and having things to look forward to. However for the past four years of my life I have been busy every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. I have been busy cracking jokes, listening to woes, yelling,  grunting and laughing whole heartedly. I have always looked forward to these times and have always LOVED my boot campers.


However. Between becoming a mother, maintaining my paramedic license, having personal training burst with success …. I have discovered that I have been neglecting our dog,  have been trying to book in my friends weeks in advance, have forgotten what my husband looks like and appear to be chronically getting a cold/ look like death.

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I haven’t slept more than 6 hours straight in months,  seem to be committing carbicide every other day and something is just not right…… 10322709_747686805276778_1389449160644633436_n

So, Im taking a  break from my only “fixed time slot” Because at least if I’m sick or something comes up, I can move my clients around. Bootcamp is the only thing that I am unable to find a replacement trainer for, unable to contact everyone  about a cancellation and unable to reschedule an alternate date/time to make up = guilt!

I encourage all of my bootcampers to get together and sign up for

small group training.  –> This way we can continue training at an affordable rate, with a negotiable time slot. (If I have to cancel, I can reschedule your owed session =)

I  am so grateful to have had such a wonderful group of people in my life. There have been many days when I have not wanted to show up to class, as I’m sure you have felt this way too… But we got through it and felt so much better about the world afterwards. Thank you for showing up in the dark, 385803_332968783383238_1203639495_ncold, rainy, mosquito riddled, rainy,  1069418_10153968867755083_1038752960_nwindy, snowy, -11 degree, Friday nights.1972307_10153892510695083_1260703672_n

Thank you for rocking all of our events:  Team in training fundraising, women’s shelter donation, colour me rad, 80’s bootcamp and much more.



This is not the end.

Its just a bit of a shuffle. xoxoxo