Cant out exercise a crap diet.
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Cant out exercise a crap diet.

Since I have had the baby (8 weeks ago) my scale has been a rewarding ally.

I loved standing on that thing and seeing the weight loss! However… suddenly last week the bastard turned the cold shoulder to me.


As a woman and mother I hate scales. As a trainer I understand that they are a valuable tool and use them often. I don’t want my daughters to think that women need to obsess over the scale number. It is a tool, among many, that help measure progress. If you have gained weight and decided to never step on a scale again, does that mean that the weight gain hasn’t happened? tumblr_nvrp11xZkW1sz3m9ko1_500 Is it depressing? Ya probably if you have been avoiding it for the past 3 years, its probably going to be a huge shock. However if you face the music, and hold yourself accountable as frequent as possible. It takes the power away from that number. A girlfriend of mine once said very nonchalantly  “oh I hit two bills when I was pregnant” I LOVED that she owned it completely. There was no shame attached to that number at all, and nor should there be.

If you stand on the scale a few times a week, and see the same number (+ or – a few pounds) all of a sudden its not so scary.

I find if I get in the routine of viewing those numbers every couple days, I become fine with a few pound weight gain. Because I know that most people go up and down a few pounds every other day, that’s completely normal! I appreciate observing whats going on when I start gaining weight. I find it keeps me connected to the things I put into my body. (what have I been doing differently this week?) I prefer knowing when I’m gaining weight and making small changes, rather than being horrified at the damage done and trying to backtrack.


So the miracle days of dramatic falling numbers has come and gone. I know I cant workout as often or as hard as I want to, and I know even if I could its still time to smarten up my diet. I try to stay away from calorie counting because frankly I hate it. So I try to focus on what Im eating and the habits I have formed.

Lately I catch myself eating snacks at midnight, eating mindlessly, rushing my meals, eating crap sometimes the whole day. (mother of toddler and infant talking here) I don’t eat chips, or drink pop.. But I know I don’t eat enough fresh fruits and veggies most days.  And those of you that know me, know I love cheese. I LOVE cheese more than everything.I-will-never-love-anyone-as-much-as-i-love-cheese

I have finally started to admit to myself that perhaps I have a cheese problem. sigh. So I have decided to go 90 days of eating way more fruits and veg, way less processed foods and completely cut out cheese.  December 1st to March 1st. I feel that if I put a deadline on it, then there is a goal to get to. Im not calling it a diet. I just need to take my health seriously.  My eczema is back and I’m almost certain that my eating habits are causing it to come back like a raging asshole. If I want to lose this weight I’m going to have to quit the junk….I dont eat a lot of candy etc… But I obviously eat processed foods.processed-food (and”good processed” foods are still processed) Sometimes I have to think… did I eat ANY form of fruit or vegetable today? I almost always say ‘oh ya I ate this and that’, but it really bothers me that I even ask it. And I’m not saying cheese is that bad. I’m just saying I have a problem with it, I know I wont be able to just have a few pieces a week…

Well that was a depressing one. Its going to be a true challenge for me, I’m actually interested to see if I can do it for real without cheating.