Exercise? ugg fuck.
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Exercise? ugg fuck.

Well. I have to be honest here. I CAN’T FIND THE TIME TO EXERCISE.

I want it so bad but obviously not that bad. I have had about 1 work out a week. I had been hoping for 2-3 minimum. However I have been working out with the kids…

2015-11-16 15.53.37 Cute yes… productive? Barely. But if thats what I have to do to get something in, then I’ll take it. I just feel that being a working momma of two, kinda flying solo these days… I feel like Im just going around in circles with my life. Every non work day I wake up, prep breakfast, feed, burp, change infant, entertain toddler with some class or event. Feed, change, burp infant, snack toddler, Walk the whiniest dog in the world. (Seriously, our dog is so depressed that he has been bumped down the totem pole.)Emo+dog+because+theres+to+many+happy+pets+on+the_b22779_5343268 Make a nutritious lunch for toddler, change out of my own spitup stained clothing, feed, burp, change infant, attempt to nap the toddler. (This now requires a 30-45 minute cuddle until she is asleep.. then another 10 minute escape without waking her up. If you have the time to do it.. its worth it, because shes out for 2.5 hours. *No one is allowed to contact me about sleep training once they read this.) Once I wake up in a toddler bed to the sounds of a crying baby or dog in the other room, I wiggle my numb and painful arms out from under toddler. I sooth whoever is making the noise, then boom! I am FRANTICALLY cleaning everything that I can see. (Feed change burp infant) Because once the kids are up again its game on. Time to find shit to do before dinner time…. Then  I guzzle a glass of wine to get through dinner, bath time and the ever so sweet bed time. Once they are down, Im half naked at home looking around at how filthy my fucking house is again and NOT motivated to workout at all. It doesn’t help that naturally by nature I’m a bit of night owl. (23:330 at the earliest is a bed time..) Now with my days sucked up by kids, I feel that I Need alone/husband/business time to catch up on emails, conversations or just plain old netflix.. (feed, burp, change infant) 1am, 3am & 6am. Then toddler wakes up at 7 asking for breakfast. 6a0133f30ae399970b0192ac407f6a970d-pi

Soooo I decided that I will try to workout while working at the ambulance station. We are at a relatively quiet station… I need to just get into the habit. And yesterday I did it! I had a great (20 minute long, half assed) workout. No cardio at all but I got to get a work out in and feel a bit of a burn.

I know that this is a unique situation for me and only me. But the point I’m making is PEOPLE! Book yourself in! Because if you don’t, a day blows by in seconds and weeks go by faster and faster. Then all of a sudden you haven’t lost any weight or have gained more, your posture is the shits, or you still have postnatal issues that haven’t been addressed from your delivery two years ago and your self esteem is in the pits.   Just set a date on the calendar tell everyone in the house “This is MY TIME. I will be doing mindful EXERCISE on this day!” Because dog walks, errand running and pony rides with your kids pulling your hair and screaming in your ears are awesome; no doubt beneficial to your health; but its not the same as spending 20-60 minutes just focusing on your own goals. You’r energy levels will increase, you will be in a better mood INSTANTLY (once finished your workout) you will drink more water and just feel good. Anyone who is feeling good about life, is a good role model and is pleasant to be around! This world needs more pleasant people!

Book that shit in and do it.