Failed goals…..
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Failed goals…..

I set a goal… I figured it took me 9 months to gain my 50 pounds….. I logically set my goal for my daughters 9 month anniversary. I stood on that scale on October 25th.. and BOOM… Im still up 5-8 pounds.



 I did everything to lose the weight. I quit drinking . I worked out an hour a day, (most days) I cut out cheese for christ’s sake. Alas… I’am still not the same number / size / firmness / shape  I used to be.

But I realized between, being a parent, dealing with working two jobs, being a wife and friend….bla bla bla Real life is the only excuse I have to be honest. Its CHAOS. I barely have time to answer peoples texts yet alone cook a healthy meal and get a few good workouts in.

 But I realized that I am receiving compliments left, right and centre and I have to take those as a win. Acknowledging and accepting compliments is the hardest thing in the world for me. (and many others)  Its hard to take your own advice, but you have to. I can still run, lift and jump. I’m strong and still have stupid amounts of energy. I am basically the same person, except I have the “mummy tummy” and larger ass…. (BONUS!!!!)

So the second I stepped off that scale what did I do? I went to my good friends birthday party and got drunk. (for the first time in a LONG time) We danced and sang karaoke….horrible horrible karaoke. (0__0) and I shook those shitty, “I didn’t hit my goal” feelings right off. Because tomorrow is a new chance to strive for my goal. Slowly, slowly, I will get back where I want to be. That is the only thing that is keeping me from being disappointed, because I know that if I keep this attitude up, I CAN’T fail.