Feeling Exposed…
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Feeling Exposed…

I REALLY didn’t want to do this.

I am going to be honest here. I have managed to squeeze in probably 6 good workouts since I took these first pictures.


For some reason I thought That I would be making such amazing strides. I thought my first before and after picture was going to be something awesome.0379d85b3f2d051029f666bc081915ca When I see stuff like this on the internet, I think. Boom GAME ON MAMMA!  I ‘m going to get my body back in no time! I’ll be smoking hot and wear cute outfits. Everyone is going to want to train with an adorable mom-who-got-her-body-back trainer.

However ….

I dont even own adorable outfits. Yet alone ones that will match my children. A dress up day is one when I put mascara or chapstick on. I haven’t been able to workout as much because I have two jobs and two kids. I am hoping that people are still going to want to train with the mom-who-is-struggling-with-progress trainer.

I’m working on that whole time management thing. I have finally started to recognize that if I don’t set the time aside it won’t happen. I also have a plan for food and have been paying attention to what I put into my body.  I do feel a lot better in my clothing and slowly I’m feeling stronger. (Pelvic floor is still rendered useless……)

Despite not feeling 100% about my results…I’m not going to let that bring me down.  I said I would hold my ass accountable and I am proud to say I am doing it… and to be honest the longer I look at this the better I feel about my progress. I’m quite happy that I decided to take before and afters and I highly recommend everyone do it if they are about to go on a bit of a journey.


I took these pictures 11 weeks apart… 2 weeks postpartum and about 3 months old after babe. (10 weeks of ‘working out and eating right’)