First workout
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First workout

Our baby is now 6 weeks old…

As a postpartum fitness specialist, I tell clients no training until a minimum of  6 weeks postpartum. I felt great with the first one… maybe it was age? lack of stress? the fact that it was my first baby? But with this one, Jesus. I needed every single hour of rest I could take.

We have a toddler this time, hubby isnt able to play the co-parent role; hes working full time while juggling being a full time student… (side note: To those parents doing parenting mostly or completely on their own. You are superheros !) This baby was induced and that experience was horrible; although still natural and better than most. For me; so much worse than the first. I just needed time to recover and I’m glad I acknowledged that.

Enough about birth stories!

Yesterday was my first workout! (November. 6th. 2015)

It was in my garage, with both my kids and it lasted a record setting seventeen minutes. {WITH MULTIPLE BREAKS} I didn’t know where to start, But I just wrote some shit down and started. I decided not to write any repetitions down, kinda like the way my weight loss journey is going to be this time around. No goals. Just listening to what my body tells me. I stopped only because I was BORED. seriously? yup.

2015-11-06 16.23.092015-11-06 16.18.52Lessons: Wear fucking shoes and socks. I cut my toe (doing burpees at least) Also I NEED TO WEAR A REAL BRA.

 Notes: I was quite taken aback by the amount of flapping I was experiencing. Seriously. My tummy was banging on things. My tits physically hurt smashing into themselves. Thighs, back, neck, arms, cheeks… things were flying; uncontrollably and comically, flying. I have a new found respect for everyone who has experienced such a flap. Also. My lower abdominal muscles were so weak I was alarmed. I’m glad I noticed I had an abdominal separation this time around and as a precaution I have been using a support belt while working with the Ambulance. We lift dead weighted people, with no warm up, in an emergency…Because my core is seriously shot to the moon. I carefully planked for 2 x 45 seconds on my knees.

Memories: I LOVE that my toddler was so happy and keen to join in. I sat the babe in her swing and she just drifted in and out of sleep. But the two year old was keeping up with every move. She even yelled “GO MUMMY! BUILDING MUSCLES!” This filled my heart with joy. Its so nice to do something with her that doesn’t involve baking cookies, telling her why we don’t need to watch paw patrol or asking her for the forth time to go put her shoes on…. I cant wait to workout with her again =)

Results: The backs of my thighs are sore. I haven’t felt stiff and sore in many many months. This has officially been the first time I have stepped out of my comfort zone in a very long time! I love the idea and reasoning for feeling sore. Its not so pleasant to feel it kicking in…But the fact that its happening to my body for the first time in a long time makes me excited and happy enough to want to do it again. Im so excited to see what is to come in the coming weeks and months. Feeling optimistic!