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So that whole swearing off cheese thing blew up in my face about 19 hours after I declared I would vow off of it. However to make up for it, I have been doubling up my water and really paying attention to my veggie and fruit intake. I have been eating hardly any processed foods and I am feeling satisfied when I eat, and for me to say that this time of year… I will bank it as a win.

Working out has been so bloody hard though. I just cant find the fucking time to dedicate to myself without children or dogs or husbands etc… But Ill get there. I think I have to just give up and plunk the little buggers in front of the tv for 45 minutes. Anyways I just got side tracked. I wanted to write about food.

I finished my Nutritional Therapist certification a while back and I finally started applying my skills to my own life. I try to look at food as a fuel now.

Spinach is high in niacin and zinc, as well as protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E and K, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese. But I eat it for Iron. Because I know I am low in iron. = Im so tired I can’t get through the day. Eat spinach. must eat spinach.

This is how I view food now. I just try to break things down and evaluate what I need more or less of. I love it because I feel like Im using my brain. To be honest on days that I just butt wipe, dog walk, tit feed and clean the house over and over and over again. I like the thought of using my nogen for something. I dont have to count calories just yet as this seems to be working for me. For those that know me, I like only the idea of recipes. I like the pretty pictures and ill skim over things but I have never measured anything. Nor is one meal the same as the last time I made that meal. So bare with me here. I like to cook fast and messy. Normally because I am hungry and so are the kids.
green-healthy-vegan-quick-meal-pasta-pestoPasta with spinach sause. (pasta, spinach, water, cornstarch, mustard, beans, cheese and some other kid of veggies) 10 minutes

Element 1 – boil water then huck some noodles in it to cook.

Element 2 – Grab some spinach and shove it in a big pot. I like to use the frozen blocks of spinach because the fresh stuff shrivels down to nothing and now you have no fresh spinach for salads! I put the block in the pot with about a cup of water? Put the lid on and turn the element to max.

While the spinach is … HAHAHAH! I just realized. OR! you could just microwave the spinach to thaw it. We don’t have a microwave.. I know I know.

While the spinach is doing its thing toss some salt and pepper in there to taste. Then add a bunch of other veggies you have in the fridge to your pot of green goo. I always recommend adding beans of some sort. Chick peas, kidney beans anything. Once hot, grate a little bit of cheese and add that to it. I say about a small handful of cheese will work. Then some mustard. yup. Regular old yellow mustard. Just a squeeze probably a tablespoon or two? Stir it all up and then add a dash of cornstarch to thicken it up. By the time the sauce is done so are the noodles! This meal has Carbs to keep you going, Vitamin K to fight off cancer, Iron to keep you awake (not anemic), calcium for your sexy strong teeth (and cheese is just pain awesome), Fiber to help you feel satisfied and full (and give you awesome poops after this meal.) Its good hot or cold and I find I feel better about eating pasta when it has lots of veggies. Also. Store bought pasta sauce is normally filled with sodium overload and a needless expense. I promise you will like the green sauce more than the red stuff.

Spanakopita (filo wrap, frozen spinach blocks, mushrooms, onions, garlic, beans, feta cheese & olive oil) 1 hour

I normally make a whack load of these things. Just because you can freeze half of them, they are a bit finicky so you might as well make a whole bunch for your efforts.

In a big pot I start softening my onions. About 2 large ones3365624843_5b8c09b631 (1)

Then add your mushrooms and garlic. Whatever you like.

Then add your frozen spinach. I use about 3-5 blocks per batch.

While that stuff is stewing together preheat your oven to 425?

whatever the temperature says on the back of the filo box.

Once all your stuff is cooked add your beans and some veggies if you want to get them out of the fridge. (I like peppers, grated beets, leeks, peas whatever)

I like to add about 2 large cans of mixed beans. Then crumble up some feta and add that too. (I dont add ANY salt to this recipe because the feta makes up for it) Then scoop your pot full of stuffing goodness out into a strainer that is resting over a bowl. Normally there is too much to fit into the strainer so I scoop out half then go for a walk or move on to housework for a while. Once most of the juice has dripped out its no longer too hot to handle then its time to get these puppies started. I scoop out a handful and squeeze it into a ball. (you really dont want this to be dripping wet)

 Copy this lady for folding style. Although I like to paint on some olive oil in between a few folds to help hold things together. and I sqush the shit out of the stuffing before it goes onto the Filo so that I can get lots of yummy goodness inside one. Im going to warn you. If you have never worked with filo its a sonofabitch to begin with and you should probably have wine nearby. I use about 2 sheets per triangle and please COVER THE OTHER FILO UP WITH A not so DAMP TEA TOWEL . Because once that filo dries out and you cant work with it, it is SO FRUSTRATING. (wine)

I get into a nice groove of squishing and folding and oiling, then toss a tray in the oven. While that tray is cooking I continue squishing, folding and oil dabbing the next tray. (que wine, music and a little booty giggle) PARENTS ALSO! – kids LOVE squishing the juices out of the stuffing and love having to paint on the oil.

This meal has Delicious written all over it, its adorable, freezable good hot or cold and stuffed with lots of veggies and nutrients.

Hope this helps if anyone is looking for ideas =)