Getting there
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Getting there

So, since my first workout I had to set myself some ground rules.

• No more sudden movements. Who was I kidding? Burpees first workout back? My pelvic floor cant handle that kinda shit nor can my ego. hey-girl-i-dont-think-anyone-noticed-that-you-peed-yourself-doing-those-double-unders

• Cardio can wait. I can’t do cardio when I don’t enjoy it. Does that make sense?  playing soccer, I can chase the ball for hours. If training for a race, I enjoy run training; because I know there is a reward at the end. But adding cardio to a workout just to lose weight and make things more challenging? No. Not ready for that. As a trainer, I call this the wooing phase. Where you are trying to woo the client into not hating the entire workout. (Because I don’t want to scare you off after a few sessions… Once that cheque clears though… BAM! HILL SPRINTS.)  And besides I get plenty of cardio on my hike. I like the slow and steady hoof uphill; I normally like to go hiking.. But lately Im going about 4x a week only because the dog has guilted me into taking him. And my normally, never ending energized toddler for some reason becomes a lazy bum on hikes, so I end up lugging BOTH free loading parasites  sweetums.

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• I’ll take any chance I can get. Before I had the babe, I was all… “Oh I can see it now. The kids will be napping and then I’ll go to my perfectly clean home gym, listen to my favorite workout tunes, get a Pintrest perfect sweat in, then the kids will wake up and we will go to the park.” Ugh. Nope. I workout in filth, the kiddos are in there with me, one is colouring on the walls, while the other is filling her drawers. The dog is hovering underfoot whining very loudly in protest that we are doing this instead of a hike. BUT. IM DOING IT.

So I have had two workouts since I last blogged. Upper body & Lower body. The upper body was the same as the first. No reps, just do what I felt I was comfortable with.

Pros: I listen to my body. Cons: I give up easier without a goal number and find the workouts slightly painstaking? I guess I don’t like not knowing how long the workout is going to take me, I also tend to finish and walk away the second I get bored.

However I discovered that my back is stronger than I thought it was. I worked all back muscles and felt nothing the next day. (I no doubt believe this is from lugging a baby in my gut for 9 months, holding a baby all the live long day & supporting my massive rock hard food sacks) c5177dfba151b24285But my chest muscles have gone to shit. I couldn’t do 20 perfect form pushups on my knees; and my chest is the only muscle group that is sore out of the whole workout….  things to work on.

My LEG workout on the other hand was AWESOME.

Hubby  decided to make a fancy new recipe dinner… I was rather annoyed because I realized I was craving time without the kids for a few minutes and thought if I made dinner he could play… Anyways I jumped on the “free time”, hucked babe in the swing, coerced toddler into the workout area with me by literally throwing candy at her.  After a few workouts I was more capable of  judging what I can and cannot do. So I wrote down repetitions and weights this time. 6 exercises 3 rounds. 15-20 minutes of bang bang bang. I LOVE THAT KIND OF A WORKOUT. Just shut up and get though the list.illustrated-slider

Its so rewarding to do it that way I find.  It took a few workouts to shake the cobwebs off, but I finally got that “high” afterwards. I felt cheerful, slightly shaky and awesome… YAY! I love that. Because when you leave a workout feeling good, you are starting a good habit =)