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Good Reads


Just a quick list of some amazing books that I have stumbled across.


 The Body Book – By Cameron Diaz

 Celebrity / Nutrition & Fitness

 A celebrity take on fitness and nutrition, however Cameron Diaz is     actually a little credible. She shares the knowledge she has learned  through the aid of experts and personal experience. She takes the time to  break down nutrition well, without feeling too overwhelmed the reader learns  a great deal about nutrient dense foods and how to fuel the body. Cameron explains fitness in a wonderfully well rounded way, by reminding the  reader that working up a sweat isn’t just about losing weight. I love that  she brings up: improving mood, boosting  energy levels, and preventing disease. She also drops tips for choosing the right exercise program and shares her own workout strategies for feeling your best and looking great.


Breaking Free From Emotional Eating – By Geneen Roth

Emotional Eating 

This book is about the different forms and levels of emotional and compulsive eating behaviors.  It’s an easy read and the best part about it, it gives those that are ready to change a chance to achieve it.  Geneen Roth offers multiple tips, guidance and tools to keep on top of your eating habits. She believes it is essential to connect (or re-connect) your physical hunger and also that feeling of having had enough.  Its a bestseller and definitely worth a read, even for those that are not struggling with a dramatically unhealthy relationship with food.


1030_super-athlete-624x942Faster, Higher, Stronger – By Mark McClusky

Sport Science / Athletes

I loved this book, because it digs deep into improving athletes abilities. Milliseconds are the difference between first and tenth place; its truly remarkable how science has changed the game.  This book breaks down nutrition, genetics, beating fatigue, rest at all levels, it helps explain Metabolic Equivalent of Task (METS) in layman terms, and how to fine tune athletic abilities.  However it isn’t just for “hardcore athletes” this book teaches the reader how to focus and unite body and mind in order to continue on with day to day life. This is a great book for those that are curious about how things work, and those that want to maximize their skills.



The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – By Deepak Chopra

 Success / Fulfillment 

This is a refreshing book about achieving your goals, no matter how big or small. It doesn’t reinforce the “nose to the grindstone” technique. This book introduces the reader to a few basic laws of nature, based on spiritual and Hindu concepts. The idea is that once the reader understands these law and learn to hone them, anyone can achieve the success they wish. It is a great reboot book, I always pick it up again when I’m super stressed, overwhelmed or pist off about something. The basic laws include: Meditation, benefits of giving, acceptance of situations, karma, trust that everything happens for a reason, detachment of negativity, discovering yourself and your talents.  Although I know I don’t apply these laws to my own day to day routine, it’s still a great book that helps me reconnect with myself. For those that are feeling lost or struggling with transition, I highly recommend this book.



  Thug Kitchen – By Matt Holloway & Michelle Davis

  Vegan Cooking

For those that know me, they will know that this book is right up my alley. (I swear like a sailor, as does this book) It has a direct, sometimes brash way of describing food. I love it. No Martha Steward stuff here. The photos are   beautifully  rough and the directions in this cook book take on a casual approach. Don’t have this ingredient? Try this one instead, or fuck-it altogether. Even  if    you  are not  vegan or vegetarian, I always recommend having a good meat-free cook book  like  this  around. We all need to eat more veggies and its hard to get out of the potato and broccoli rut. I find when I open something like this, I’am always amazed with  how  creative, colourful and flavourful  dinner can become. Its a beautiful healthy  break from same old and its quite fun being a badass in your own kitchen.

513CVLxPwVL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Goodbye ed, hello me – by Jennie Schaefer

 Self Help / Eating Disorder

  An easy, pick up and put down at anytime read. The author “breaks up” with ed (Eating   disorder) for good. No matter what life throws at her. Full recovery is mentioned and       hope is offered for it. The author isn’t too serious or dark about her struggle, nor does       she go into great personal detail; she simply gives her take on how she got through the     tough times and how you can too. This is a best seller and has helped thousands of people actually break free from the chains of disordered eating. If you know anyone or you yourself has any from of disordered eating I highly recommend this book. Even if the reader is not ready to read it, it’s worth it to have around the house, so that when they are ready it’s there.  This is a second book, the first one is “life without  Ed” However you don’t need to read one before another etc.



this-is-ridiculous-this-is-amazing_9781452129211_largeThis is Ridiculous This is Amazing – By Jason Good


This book is a really funny “bathroom book” I have bought it for 3 friends already and I still pick it up for a giggle. It’s a perfect pick up put down book, and it consists of nothing but lists. Lists of random parenting and family hilariousness. My personal favorite lists include “One hour inside my wife’s brain” -my phone just made a noise ill get my husband out of the shower to ask him what it is. & “oh the things you will no longer need” – skis, alarm clocks, floor lamps, your sexy voice…  Such a good funny book for any parent. I recommend it be gifted to a new parent; because honestly they don’t need another adorable onesie, and its the gift that keeps on giving.



download (2)Forks Over Knives – Directed and written by Lee Fulkerson

Disease and the connection with food

News alert. I haven’t read the book, I watched the documentary. I was so happy with this well put together this documentary, that I just can’t leave it off my list.  This doc is a pro vegan doc, that doesn’t use scare tactics, animal cruelty images, or hippy peace and love fluff… It basically just lays out facts and results surrounding numerous scientific studies and experiments throughout the world, all in relation to the consumption of meat products. The lovely part of this doc is that it gives the viewer a wonderful sense of hope in reversing the damage that has already been done. It makes amazing connections between the food we eat and many forms of cancer. This doc actually demonstrates examples of how to grow precancerous cells and diminish them a matter of weeks, just by changing the percentage of meat product consumed.  This is the first documentary that changed how we eat at our house. Although we are not vegan or vegetarian, we have consciously decided to drastically reduce our meat and dairy consumption and eat as many fruit and veggies as possible. I feel really good after watching this doc and recommend it to everyone I meet. It’s on Netflix and  I very seriously suggest you give it a shot.