Growing pains
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Growing pains

Just a heads up…..

As most of you already know, this little business that could has transformed into a real business….



So there will be a few changes around here. Things are getting a little crazy administratively. I now have 28 clients and 28 schedules to mesh with my own “life”. Paperwork To Do Sooo!  Happy & Healthy is going to be  converting to a “self scheduling, fully automatic invoicing, online something something” system… It hasn’t happened yet, but we are getting there. I’m trying my hardest to work with the horribly confusing wild wild web.  I+have+no+idea+what+you+re+internetting+about+_fe563f18a98ed8cf3d12a53893fbccfdOh and I’m hiring a second trainer! It’s getting harder and harder to book everyone in, I think I have a good thing going on and it’s time to do my part to help the local economy…… The real reason…. I need a real day off, perhaps even two in a row. overworked


AHHAHAHAH this one is the best. Totally an exaggeration but hilarious


But all jokes aside. We are I am making some crazy changes and if there is anything that you can suggest or recommend … (or just want to buy me a drink) seriously have at ‘er! Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during these growing pains.