Hip Flexors
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Hip Flexors

     If anyone has ever experienced pain in the front of their hips nine times out of ten its because your hip flexors are tight; and I can almost guarantee the reason why they are tight is because you sit too much. Sitting at a desk, sitting on the couch, sitting at the computer, sitting to drive, sitting, sitting, sitting!!!!!


     So! time to get off your tush and start stretching out those hip flexors. Firstly try to sit for an hour at longest.  Just try to make a habit of  getting up off the chair and going for walk. Even if its just to the washroom and back. While your walking squeeze your butt cheeks and embrace the stretch that walking provides for those stiff hips.  Once you have given yourself a moment to warm up those stiff muscles and tendons you can move onto stretching. DO NOT STRETCH YOUR MUSCLES WHEN YOU HAVEN’T BEEN DOING ANYTHING. Cold muscles are useless at stretching because of the lack of oxygen in the muscle tissue. Your resting heart rate does not deliver enough blood to muscles to warm them up to a point that makes stretching safe. So walk around for a few minutes and then get into the stretching.

     Hints: Stretch to 40%, most people stand up pull back their leg, grab their toe and reef their leg back as hard as they can. For an average of 3-5 seconds. I shit you not. Imagine a rubber band. If you grab that rubber band and pull it hard and fast for one to two pulls then leave it for another 3 months, has that rubber band lengthened at all? No. Now if you take that same rubber band and warm it up a little, then gently apply a small amount of pressure to it, wait for a few minutes then apply a little more pressure. This is how your muscles work. Take it easy on them. They are either sore form a killer workout, or have been neglected for millions of days… so start slow and apply 40% to the stretch.  Take a few deep breaths and then apply a little bit more pressure to the stretch. Chill hang out, breathe, (sip your wine) and then apply a little more. The reason why stretching is zen is because you are taking time for yourself to just relax and breathe. Human bodies need this. Bla bla bla zen. (why I don’t teach yoga)

Here we go for the stretching….

Proper ways to do a standing hip flexor stretch.

skd278296sdc • Hold your Ankle (not tip of the toe)If you cant reach then grab a belt or a band and loop it under your foot.

• If you have crummy balance then hold onto a chair or something. (OR rest your toe on a ledge, instead of  trying to hold onto your foot. This works well if you cant reach your toe.)

• Align your knee with the other one (or as close as possible)

• Then turn your toes downward

• Squeeze your butt cheek of the bent leg.

• Take 3 slow big deep breaths, keep your knees together, core strong, toe down, head up and glute squeezed.

• REMEMBER 40% it only takes 60 seconds to get a really good stretch.

• After a few big deep breaths go a little deeper. Don’t reef on that leg!