Practice what I preach
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Practice what I preach

I wanted to document my post baby weight loss this time around, and if I publish my honest photos I have to hold myself accountable for what kind of progress I am or am not making.

So here are some pictures of me at 41 weeks & at 2 weeks postpartum. This pregnancy I gained 55 pounds… 5 pounds more than I did the first pregnancy. Before the first pregnancy I was 126 lbs. I got down to 130 post baby and was more than happy with that.. However when we decided to try to have another one… I indulged a little too much ( being a mother of a toddler and knowing I wouldn’t have been¬†able to drink for about a year ) and got pregnant at 140. So in the pregnancy photo, I’m a glorious 195.2015-08-31 11.45.17


My goal is to feel good. I dont really care about the weight so much because I know Im a crazy tired, busy and self neglecting mom. I just want to fit into my clothing and feel stronger.

However this little Gem is making me feel really happy. 2015-10-14 13.09.04Every time I get to move one of these jewels over into another jar I feel like a kid that has just earned a gold star from teacher I have been crushing on.

I discovered this on Pintrest. It is SO REWARDING.


Ok so… Im about to embark on my very exposing journey…

2015-09-09 12.49.583a21