Its NOT all about the numbers
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Its NOT all about the numbers

I had a client who was beaming a few weeks ago. She had a huge grin on her face and was so happy to exclaim that her pants were fitting better and her booty was finally smoother in the expensive lululemons…. she was achieving her goals looking the way she wanted to.

This client is a bombshell.  She is a person that in my eyes did not need a trainer.  Beautiful curves in all the right places, a soul as beautiful as mother Theresa’s, she is motivating, positive, addictive and a down right wonderful person. With being a true 10/10 on top of it all.

A few days later we did her weigh in and she just about buckled with emotion. She had gained T W O pounds. Her measurements were down, her butt was NOT riddled with lumps and bumps, she was fitting into her clothing better, her stamina was up, she was healthier and was bursting with happiness just a few days ago …… But her weight was up TWO pounds. She was absolutely devastated. She had been doing all the right things, cutting back on  junk food & booze, working out more, drinking more water…. but she is UP TWO POUNDS.

As a trainer I understand the frustration.  Working hard and not achieving your goals. Having a goal number to lose/get to,  only to realize that you are two pounds worse off than you were before you started this process. Its disheartening, upsetting, discouraging, and downright bullshit to be honest.

But as a friend and fellow woman I cant help but feel frustrated with my clients reactions. She is a bombshell. I would pay 50 thousand dollars (the cost of plastic surgery) to have what she has. She is the most wonderful, amazing , beautiful woman I have had the pleasure of knowing. Its upsetting to know that this amazing person, is feeling so insecure with her PERFECT. body.

As a trainer I see this more often than most people, and I normally dont talk about it publicly. There are many, many, MANY reasons why a persons’ weight will go up. But if your inches are going down, or your muscle mass  is going up… then FUCK THE WEIGHT NUMBER. I weigh myself every day am and pm. I go up and down all day every day, for what seems like no fricken reason. So I tell my clients to cheer up, explain why we should or shouldn’t be concerned with these results… And hope to break through to them.

Sometimes I get upset about clients (over)  reactions to weigh ins..

But in this case; I had to ask myself, why am I mad at this person that I love ? And I realized that I should be directing this frustration to society in general. To the magazines, the TV shows, the internet……….I have decided that I will not scream at these organizations. But I will LOVE myself, my friends, my family, my clients and everyone else.

I truly believe that this sending of love, will help women focus on feeling good, instead of waiting for a number to allow her to feel good. It also gives me a more positive chance to change the things I hate and help me sleep better.