Jacked up food
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Jacked up food

I always tell people to try and stick to the basics when it comes to grub.

Stay away from the processed foods, try to eat completely meat free a few days a week, eat more fish, fruit, veggies and water… Bla bla bla you have heard it all. But a common complaint I hear about eating cleaner is… “but what do I cook?” and “everything is so bland…”

I have no boundaries when it comes to cooking. This is both a flaw and an awesome adventure. I sometimes start by reading a recipe, then I get bored or distracted….. and give up on reading mumbo jumbo that I know my food will not turn out like….

So I end up doing stupid things like adding peanut butter to my broccoli, and lemon juice to my cookies dough… However I find this helps spice things up a little.


My oatmeal consists of walnuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds and cinnamon. Keeps me full and satisfied after every bite. DO NOT BUY THAT INSTANT CRAP!



My salads are crazy full, veggies, cheese (I try to make salads enjoyable), lentils, chickpeas, fruit and some fish. I try to get everything I can into that salad.


Eating salads out… Who really wants to pay 13$ for iceberg lettuce, with those feeble  ‘peeled strips of carrots?’ WHO INVENTED THAT? The SHAVINGS OF CARROTS?! Oh thank god there are six peelings of carrot shaved onto my plate. This will totally satisfy my hunger. Iceberg lettuce salads are one of the reasons why I don’t eat salads when I’m out….. The other reason is…. calorie content.  The other day I ate an 890 calorie salad at Milestones. I was so pist. I had been counting calories all week, went on a date and decided to be good and order a salad. To boot It was crap crap crap.

56353379_Poo20on20plate_xlarge Thank god I only ate half of it. Punched the salad into my trusty calorie counter….. BOOM 890. I couldn’t get over it. Chefs at restaurants need to learn how to took good, filling and satisfying salads…….without hitting the eight hundreds. My salad was more calories than most sandwiches on the menu. I COULD HAVE HAD AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE FOR THAT MANY CALORIES!


Throw a bunch of crap in a wok or pan and then add some curry sauce on it. I use this local curry, the whole jar is something stupid like 250 calories. (amazing!)11_09_12_05_52_47l and there are so many different layers of flavoring; and its so versatile. I do curries, once they are cold I make them into wraps or add them to salads. It goes on and on…




Soups! you can’t go wrong with soups! I have a friend who is a total bachelor, he can cook 3 things. A huge breakfast, any form of red meat and soups. zuppa-arcidossana-00114Anyone can cook soups. I grew up on soups. I NEVER read recipes for soups. Just throw a bunch of shit in the pot with some spices and let it hang out for a while. You cant go wrong. If you use low sodium broth or just water, you’re laughing. Low sodium, low fat, freezable, yummy soup.


imagesBuy random stuff, Have you ever tried sea beans? What about pomelo? When was the last time you had some zucchini, cumquat, ginger, fiddle heads, pomegranate, bok choy, dragon fruit? Don’t get stuck in the lame ass cauliflower and carrots routine. Every shopping trip I pick up at least two things that I have no clue what they are or how to make them. It keeps me interested in cooking and keeps the taste buds happy 🙂


The main and most important note is to spend some time in the kitchen, even if you don’t know what you are doing. Try new things, stay away from the salt and have fun. Make things like a quiche, so you can eat some all week. Homemade granola bars, frozen yogurt deserts, brownies made out of beans and spinach. (made this. LOVE THEM) Just spend some time tinkering. Its messy and fun!