Lies Lies Lies!!!
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Lies Lies Lies!!!

A client of mine expressed how she didn’t like padded bras, and was having a hard time finding one that is not padded. She felt that she didn’t want to “let on” to someone… about what her body actually looks like.

I had to stop her right there.  What?! Lets get some facts straight girls…

This is what we think we should look like in order to seduce a willing victim……. jessica-rabbit-sexy-cartoon


However… what do we do when we are working with THIS200px-Toleration_of_the_corset1028fig7_ 


Yup. This is me and many other women and men. saggy and soft. no matter how hard we work. To be honest most of the time its because of something AWESOME!

You have either had a baby, or lost a bunch of weight. Saggy skin folds and stretch marks should be warn with pride! We as a society should start complimenting others on their weight loss accomplishments!

“OMG! Check out that dude with the wrinkly arms! He must have worked so hard to lose all that weight! I’m totally going to talk to him” ….. “damn girl! you grew that baby hardcore! you is looking so fine!”…. “mmmhmmm. I love those cute little dimples all over your beautiful bottom!”

The fact is stretch marks, freckles, saggy skin, cellulite, harry butts, its all apart of REALITY.

No person is going to say “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR BOOBS!?!”  That’s what boobs look like! Thats what skin does, it stretches and shrinks. It makes you have zits in the most inconvenient areas. Scars are who you are. Everyone has seen it.

NO ONE CARES! EVERYONE HAS IT! If you don’t you are not human.


cameron_diaz_acnearticle-1181379-04ED1CB1000005DC-577_468x694images (2)seal13


Thank god humans have come up with something glorious! They are called SPANX!!! They are amazing for both men and women. They help you feel proud of your progress and keep those compliments rolling all day and night. But what if you don’t want to “let on” to someone… about what your body actually looks like…. for that I only have one answer…

When the hell have you ever taken someone home, things have just started to get awesome. You take off your bra / clothing / ginch…. and heard something like this “oh…. ya…. no. Sorry I don’t want to do this anymore.”

EXACTLY! Nothing is going to stop this awesomeness.


ARE YOU GOING TO SAY NO TO THIS?!!. (If anyone has said no to some human flaws. They are araging assholes and need to see this blog post —–> Backhanded compliments.)



So get your ass some spanx and lie a little. Trust

me. They are miracle workers. Not just for your

clothing, but for your confidence. and THAT. Is

going to make you attractive.