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BC Paramedics throughout the province are chronically understaffed, underpaid & overworked.
Shift work hours that lead to chronic sleep deprivation and fatigue.  Long days are filled with intense stress, whether brought on by patients, situations, coworkers  or employers…
They’re emotionally eating or not really sleeping or chronically drinking or just don’t have the time to commit to themselves.
Geee… I wonder why our life savers are struggling to stay healthy?
However this group NEEDS to be in good physical and mental shape.PARAMEDIC1
They do heavy lifting, reaching, pulling, pushing, dodging, ducking and stooping. They need to think quick and act accordingly so. They hug us, calm us down and are there for us at most frightful moments of our lives.
I’m sick of hearing about medics that are off work with shoulder or back injuries. Sick of hearing our emergency service workers are losing a battle to stress, P.T.S.D & other mental health issues. We all know that exercise is major endorphin rush, so lets free some serotonin!

Happy & Healthy Fitness is proud to give all Paramedics:

20% Discount on all Personal training & Group training packages

Just mention you are a medic and where you are stationed when booking your sessions; and we will apply the discount to your invoice. Click Here To start booking now.
Thank you BC Paramedics for all that you do.