Pregnancy and Life
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Pregnancy and Life

A list of life. Pregnancy #1 vs #2


#1 – I exercised. I really exercised. lunges, squats, yoga, biking, rollerblading, hiking, horseback ridding. I ran in a 10 k race at 22 weeks, in under an hour.  I felt great, I was all… ohh ya I’m going to stay in shape this whole pregnancy and be such a great role model for my clients. (Note: even though I exercised all the time, I still gained a glorious 50 pounds)

#2 – My doctor asked me “So what does a personal trainer do for exercise?” I looked at her like a deer in the headlights and blurted out….. “Nothing! I do nothing! I would like to start something…at some point.” Between barfing 3x a day, every day for 3 months…. going from the most stress filled time in my life (working 2 full time jobs, transitioning clients and hiring new trainers) to an unemployed full time real life housewife. I moved to a new town, with no friends….keeping busy with nothing but renovations and the toddler. The thought of gardening is exercise to me, to be honest I don’t have energy to even think of gardening some days.

7be4a694e6902b019acb7964e679a3f6BUT! yesterday I went for a 10 minute jog/ powerwalk, one hand pushing the stroller and the other squishing my massive boobs into my chest. Officially cardio has re-entered my life. I shall rejoice the small things.


#1 – Healthy eating. Everything in our house was organic, fresh and local. That baby was going to get all the right nutrients at all the right times. No way was I exposing my unborn babe to trans fats, cleaning fumes, diesel exhaust or second hand smoke. My prenatal vitamins didn’t have added pink colour in it, I read every label and started drinking vile smoothies. woman-reading-nutrition-label

#2 – I miss my (PINK) prenatal vitamins about once every other week. (Due to barfing it up, forgetting or just not caring to eat something at that time to accompany the pill) The other night I ate an entire box of Kraft Dinner, still in the sauce pan; while sitting on the floor by the fire, literally 9 minutes before I was in bed falling asleep. I bought a small jar of cheeze wiz (a MAJOR DANGER FOOD for me) and ate the entire jar (to myself) in about 3 days.


Bread, crackers, butter and cheese was all I ate for 3.5 months. I was trying to eat veggies, but to be honest, its a lot nicer to throw up soup and crackers than it is a salad. I think it was just a first trimester thing; I do feel like I miss veggies now and have been reintroducing them regularly. But I buy whatever is on sale at the store and eat whatever is about to go bad in the fridge. If this fetus has a problem with it, tough luck because that’s how we eat in the outside world now: On a budget and creatively.


#1- Tracking. pregnancy-week-by-week Oh it was so lovely. Someone could ask myself or my husband “how far along are you?” and both of us could say something like 18 weeks and 3 days. We had multiple pregnancy apps, we read books and articles, we were actively interested and excited about what was happening. “honey, the baby can hear now! lets play some music to see if it likes rock and roll” …. “oh wow! Heather, the baby is the size of a tangerine now!”….. I took progress / belly pictures and really paid attention to my changing body.

#2- “How far along are you?”……… “I don’t know. I’m still sober that’s all I know” Seriously. On a regular basis neither of us have the slightest of clues how far along I am. People ask when I’m due and I just say the end of summer. No aps. No books. The other day my hubby asked me if I can feel it move yet, I just looked at him and said “oh ya for a few weeks now” and continued watching TV. meh. whatever. Pregnancy is just low on the totem pole of life these days.


#1- I was soooo not liking being pregnant AT ALL.Jaba1 I felt like this at all stages of my pregnancy for the first one. I felt huge, I  felt unattractive, I felt UN-FEMININE. I had acne all over my face, back  and chest. I hated the fact that I grunted every time stood up, bent over or I wiped my own butt. And I made sure everyone knew how miserable I was, especially my poor husband.

 #2- Hindsight is the best. This time around I’m trying really hard not to  gripe so much about being knocked up. I think its because I don’t really care whats happening to my body as much? Or that I know its all over in a few months and to just enjoy this “miracle of whatever” that is happening. Or perhaps I just have too many other things to stress / bitch about? Im trying my hardest to enjoy it. That being said. It is a way different pregnancy. I’ve only gained about 10 pounds where as with the first one, at this stage I was up 25.


#1- No booze and no unpasteurized cheese and no coffee. The second I peed on that stick I stopped drinking. (Except for a glass of wine while in labour) No second thoughts. I was done done done. The same with Brie and Camembert cheese, oh man I have to admit I was very disappointed with the “danger” of such a cheese, but I followed orders. As for coffee I never drank it! HA! I never felt the “need to drink it”.

#2- This time around I don’t know if its because I have a drinking problem? or if its because we have a toddler and NEED to have a glass of wine at the end of the night to relax. Or maybe its because we are doing renovations and everyone cracks a beer when done a project for the day, and I have to just shove some more crackers down the gullet. I don’t know what it is? stress? patio season? But I’m having a really really hard time not drinking. I repeatedly have dreams about a nice glass of wine. sigh. The struggle is real! COFFEE. I never really drank it until we had a toddler, this is self explanatory. Now I need about a coffee every other day to survive. And brie cheese? forget that Im eating it, I don’t even care what you have to say. I only eat it once in a blue moon and I fricken love it so much, it HAS to be beneficial to the baby to have a happy endorphin releasing mamma.


#1- We were EXCITED! We Were going to have a BABY and become PARENTS! It was all so romantic and beautiful. Lying in bed imagining our little family, happy mom, happy dad, happy dog, happy baby. Oh the fluff you can dream. We used to text each other about what new name we liked, if it was a boy or girl, rub the belly and smile and dream… We had NO CLUE WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HIT US. Everyone always gives you the same useless advise “sleep now while you can”…oh if only sleep were like saving money for retirement. All I remember of the first 3 months of having a new born was being very very tired. So tired we opted not to drive a car at times, so tired I walked into walls regularly. Funny story. This picture was taken when #1 was about a month old.. Family Photo (11)vs. today.

that’s ONLY TWO YEARS OF HAVING ONE CHILD! (and our kid slept and was a happy infant! I don’t know how any parent who has twins, a colicky baby or is spouse / support-less does it. ) 

#2-  I don’t know how I feel about having another newborn in the house, with a toddler running around and Paul going to school full time… At times I feel we CAN DO IT! Because we have done it before and now we know what it’s going to take. We made it through the first round we can do it again! Then I get this sudden rush of cold sweat and say “What the hell am I thinking!? We are so fucked!” But then I remember, I will be able to drink and eat unpasteurized cheese again, Paul will be done school soon, we are out of the city and we can just shove dog/child outside if need be, we have friends and family to support us and it’s all worth while. (Until they are teenagers)

So.. good things to know. ALL pregnancies are different. Always. If you are a fitness guru working out all the way through to the delivery, you go girl! If you consider waddling down to Dairy Queen exercise, GIVER! If you’re a planner and have the nursery colours all picked out and play music to your baby, have at her lady. If you can’t remember your due date or even care about such a date, to each their own honey. The only thing to know out of all of this is EVERYONE AGES DRASTICALLY AND NO ONE GETS ANY SLEEP. So lets all play nice and try not to judge one anthers pregnancies. a50de7c5d8ecffe40fd8aeae5aaea5a8