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Sorry about the long delay between posts.

I had the babe 4 months ago now and my husband has been gone for 80% of those 4 months.  Currently he is Prince Edward Island finishing up his schooling and when he was home, he was studying or working. I’m not using this as an excuse for my lack of exercise and diet progress… However I do want to throw out a massive props to those that are real single parents. I have no idea how the hell you guys do it. Its one of the most stress filled, never ending job ever. Our house is always filthy, I’m consistently being nagged at or pulled in every which direction and I discovered that I’am hanging on by a thread every day. To make up for this I have been stress eating and drinking wine until I am numb. (only a few glasses every few nights) But I totally recognize the days that I’m super stressed. Because I reach for crap food, and I gobble it up in one sitting or graze all the live long day.eee6c04ea67f143d713ecbfcb6519f34  I’m not too worried about this because I understand that hubby will be done school at some point, the house will never be clean for another fifteen years and my weight will come off once I muster up some more time to exercise more regularly.  Paul was just telling me how he has been able to hit the gym multiple times a week, I just thought to myself… Gee that would be so nice! I can’t even remember when I was able to do that.

A bunch of clients have been asking  why I don’t just train with them. The answer to that is: I’m getting paid to do a job. A job that requires customized workouts, modifications, constant attention to detail, supportive motivation and spotting clients safely if need be. 94BFX2S

Anyways rant over. I kinda foresaw, this whole no time to workout thing, so  I registered to run a half marathon this coming April. I love doing this because it makes me exercise. I’m not going to pay money and show up to a 21 km race without having done any training. (Believe you me, others have tried.) So I signed up for a race on the sunshine coast, invited everyone to join me (so we get to make a party out of it! *stoked fyi*)  and officially started training the first week of January. I have a run schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible. I have a love hate relationship with running. I hate it. I would happily clean out the fridge before I go out for a run. However I know that I will feel amazing once it’s done. But I hate it. I found it extra hard to start training for this race because I cant run with my one and only running buddy for life.  I remember our first run together after deciding to run our first half marathon. We started walking after about 3 minutes, because our lungs were burning so bad. 2015-12-30 21.32.21Its so nice to think back on that and know that we pushed through that first horrible run and continued on for many months afterwards.  Our runs were filled with hundreds of “what if’s” and endless girl talk. Followed by long silent surreal moments, casual farts and the odd faceplant. We solved the worlds problems and invented the most obvious overdue inventions. On days when I was for sure not going to run, Kate would just send me a text saying “Im on my way see you in ten” I feel so much more accountable when running with a partner. I long for my super awesome running buddy. However! I have discovered that the only time I am away from my kidlets for a significant amount of time, is when I am working at the ambulance station. The station I am at is a much quieter station that I am used to. (Compared to Vancouver where paramedics are run right into the ground for 12-14 hours straight) The trade off for this quiet station is that they don’t pay you a living wage. So I figure, they don’t really pay me… I might as well use this time to get things done. So I workout, get admin stuff done, clean my car…. facebook….. so its a win win!

So today I just ran 10 k. For the first time in almost 2 years? I have no idea when the last time I ran 10 k was. Like all runs I do, the first 2-3 k were horrible. All I wanted to do was say this is good enough..Ill stop here. But I did it! I got through 10 whole kilometers. I don’t even know how long it took me, nor do I care.  I’m not trying to break any records during this race. For as much as I don’t like motivating myself  to go on a run, the first 10-15 minutes of a run and the physical pains that take place when I run. Oh my god, do I ever love the feeling I get from running. I love that I get a few minutes to think to myself or talk with a friend. I love not looking at, not answering, not touching my phone. I love the sense of accomplishment you feel after a run. Breathing in the smells, listening to the sounds, tuning into my body, turning off my mind and getting into a beautiful groove.running-strongman12

Its so rewarding once you get into a trance-like-state, let your mind wonder and just take in the beautiful nature that is surrounding you. It truly is a therapy session. Even if not a single word is spoken. Today, I was running around the field behind the ambulance station in the pitch black and a song came on that I haven’t heard in ages. (Rise Against) I was singing at the top of my lungs and running in the dark, surrounded by the beautiful stars in the sky. It was so cool.

Also other added bonuses of commencing my run training: I drink more water, because I need it! I stretch, because I need it. I have a feeling of self worth, because I am investing time into myself. I appreciate all that is around me. I get away from my goddamn phone. I get to listen to podcasts or music. yes, there is such thing as a runners high, its awesome. I reconnect with my mind and body. I get in shape & shed a few inches. I eat cleaner, because running after a burger doesn’t work. I have awesome poops. Yup.