Buddy Training

Go on the journey together

Partner training is a great way to stay motivated and accountable. You can train with whomever you like; friend, spouse, co-worker, family members etc. Training with a buddy is a cost-friendly and fun way to learn new exercises. Both you and your buddy will learn what proper form looks like and will become a great additional source of motivation for each other.
All partner programs are still customized for each of your individual objectives and goals.  Clients will receive dedicated attention from your trainer & achieve maximum results.
Heather is an independent, personal trainer who trains anywhere from Langford to Maple Bay, on Vancouver Island. Her decision to stay out of big gyms is because she never wants to hear someone say they cannot afford a great trainer. This is why she is focused on making her rates as affordable as possible. Thus all services provided, are out of the local gym. (Clients home, outdoors etc.)  Vancouver Island is the perfect environment to reconnect with your body and appreciate the beauty around us. If you haven’t worked out outside yet, you should give it a shot!

 60 Minutes          

    90 Minutes

 Fine Print

$40 – Per Person

$250 – 10 Sessions ($25 each)

$420 – 20 Sessions ($21 each)

    $50 – Per Person

    $350 – 10 Sessions ($35 each)

   $600 – 20 Sessions ($30 each)

Partner training is for 2 or 3 people. Clients should try and train 2x a week when booking 10 or 20 sessions. As the deals expire after 6 & 12 weeks. This is to insure commitment and real results! That being said, exceptions can always be made.