Personal Training

Start Investing In Yourself

Happy & Healthy is proud to offer personal training services to men and women of any age or fitness level. When you begin training with Heather; you are always working with a customized program that is created to meet your own unique health and fitness goals. Even if you don’t know where to begin, Heather will help you get started with tangible targets and goals.
All you need to do is show up to your appointment with a positive attitude and appropriate workout attire. Training sessions will always be safe and efficient, with constant motivation and real results. With Happy & Healthy  in your corner, your workouts will constantly change and adapt along with your improving fitness level.
Heather trains anywhere from Maple Bay to Langford and everywhere in between. Her decision to stay out of big gyms is because she never wants to hear someone say they cannot afford a great trainer. This is why she is focused on making her rates as affordable as possible. Thus all services provided, are out of the local gym. (Clients home, parks, backyards  etc.)  Vancouver Island is the perfect environment to reconnect with your body and appreciate the beauty around us. If you haven’t worked out outside yet, you should give it a shot!

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

Fine Print

$55 – Hour

$400 – 10 Sessions ($40 each)

$700 – 20 sessions ($35 each)

$65 – Hour & a half

$500 – 10 Sessions ($50 each)

$850 – 20 Sessions ($42.50 each)

Clients should try to train 2x a week  when booking 10 or 20 sessions. As the deals expires after 6 & 12 weeks. This is  to insure commitment and real results! That being said, exceptions can always been made.