Group Training

There’s no I in TEAM

Teams that wish to participate in fun or hardcore mud races. (Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash etc.) Greatly benefit from small group training, for both a reality check and injury prevention.
This option can be a great addition to any sports team as well. It’s an opourtunity to get away from the same old drills and change things up, with sports specific exercises and fun new workouts. Teams get achance to have fun with their regular teammates and get a killer new workout.
Training is also ideal for corporations, co-workers, friends or families. It’s a great way to workout with your peers around your own schedules. This option is an affordable way to get everyone started on the journey together. 


All prices listed are per person and remember that you can always share a pass with someone else to split the cost too.


4-5 people:  $180 for 10 sessions ($18 each)

                        $250  for 20 sessions ($12.50 each)

6-7 people:  $140 for 10 sessions ($14 each)

                        $220 for 20 sessions ($11 each)

8-9 people:  $120 for 10 sessions ($12 each)

                        $200 for 20 sessions ($10 each)                                                                                                                                   

10-14 people:  $100 for 10 sessions ($10 each)

                             $150 for 20 sessions ($7.5 each)

15-20 people:  $80 for 10 session ($8 each)Book an appointment with Happy & Healthy Fitness Inc. using SetMore

                             $130 for 20 sessions ($6.5 each)