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Add a little UMPH to your routine

Written programs are a great way to stay motivated and focused at your own gym or home. For someone who already has a regular fitness routine and is looking to spice things up, break through a plateau or add organised structure to ensure maximum results. These programs are also ideal for individuals that do not live in the Cowichan valley area and would like a customized workout routine to follow.
Programs last forever and are great way to incorporate new exercises and stay self motivated.


Written Programs

Fine Print

$200 – For 5 programs ($40 each)
$300 – For 10 programs ($30 each)
$375 – For 15 programs ($25 each)
$400 – For 20 programs ($20 each)
All programs are customized for your personal needs and goals. Exercises are demonstrated via video, to ensure you know what you are doing. You will not need a gym for these programs!




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