Shawnigan lake Bootcamp
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Shawnigan lake Bootcamp

We have been in Shawnigan lake for one year!
Ever since we left Vancouver we have been very happy about our move. As per usual life has been absolutely crazy. We moved into a fix-er-upper, and haven’t stopped renovations since. Our toddler has become a preschooler. Hubby has been busy with work and school. Also, I assembled and pushed out an adorable little baby girl.
I am proud to say that our family has transitioned to island life swimmingly; however with all this chaos going on, I haven’t been able to devote much needed time and energy into Happy & Healthy. Almost all of my clients are located outside of our lake side community and I would really like to get to know my neigbours a little better! To be honest, I’m ashamed that I  still don’t have very many friend around town!
So I am going to start up a Shawnigan lake Bootcamp for the months of June, July & August.
Its going to be just the way we like it,  cheap and fun. Additionally, if you join our Mud Mulisha team, you get 3 free classes!
(All the Mud Mulisha details can be found HERE.)
I really hope this takes off for the summer, as I really would like to get to know more people in my community!
The Bootcamp schedule will be updated on the home page.