Shes So Fat!
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Shes So Fat!

I was at the checkout in Safeway and the cashier scanned my trash magazine. (yes. every now and then I purchase such juicy garbage)

“eeeewwww!! SHES SO FAT! ” The cashier floored me by announcing this to me and everyone else in the checkout line.

I HATE the “F” word. (for those of you that know me I always use the other F word, but despise the Fat word)

“Shes so GROSS, I mean really this is just DISGUSTING.”

I couldn’t believe what was about to come out of my mouth…”shes human too you know” yes hell has frozen over, Iam officially defending Kim Kardashian.I couldn’t believe that this woman a complete stranger to me and everyone else in the line up can proclaim how gross this pregnant woman was on the front of a magazine.


I was so enraged. It bothers me that women can be so outright disrespectful towards one another subconsciously. We complain about the media exposing us to such bullshit. But we love it! I bought the magazine and the woman at the till was honestly just making conversation. Food for thought. I will no longer buy this garbage.