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Ok. … for those of you that know me. This is a really hard “practice what you preach” thing of mine.

I hate smoothies.

I hate the texture of thick, lumpy, random, “goodness”….. I worked on a dairy farm for a while in my youth… I have seen, smelt and tasted all forms of sour milk. I cant handle ANYTHING that is supposed to be a liquid and may or may not surprise you with lumps.. Disgusting bubble tea included.


I grew up on juice, hardcore from concentrate Five-Alive & Dino-sour.  The stuff that you secretly cut out 1/4 the amount of water while making it alone or just shoved a spoonful of the straight up frozen CRACK down the hatch. Thank god I never drank pop while growing up, but juice can be just as bad.

Anywho, I hate smoothies. But…. Im an “on the go” kinda person. I dont have time to make decent healthy meals all the time. I KNOW I don’t eat enough vegetables, and I barely eat meat / get enough protein. So Smoothies are a great option.

I did a lot of research and found that there are A LOT of blenders out there that range from 10$ (criagslist) – 1,100$ (vitamix) and I’am blessed to have received a hand-me-down old school Vitamix. I tell ya! It sure beats my crap magic bullet. Anyway here are a few smoothie ingredients that I like:

Frozen spinach or kale or whatever green (Get the pre washed stuff,  put straight into the freezer. While frozen it never gets slimy or goes bad and gets obliterated easier)

Frozen cranberries (Tart cuts the super sweet)

Frozen berries (Antioxidants)

Protein powder (I use Shakeology vegan strawberry  Click here to check it out  not always essential)

Avacado (good fats! brown? who cares. its smooth and delicious)

lemon or lemon water (helps cut the sweet with more tart)

Fresh basil, mint, thyme (whatever you like)

Yogurt (Dairy and probiotics. Just make sure you control your portion sizes)

oats (good carbohydrates, iron and protein. A handful goes a long way)

Chia seeds & flax seeds (iron, fibre, magnesium. Just remember these items tend to “congeal” things)

Watermelon (my all time favourite aromatic)

Cucumber & Celery (because why not?!)

Beets (They don’t need to be cooked. Just make sure you remember you ate a beet before you call an ambulance because your 1 & 2’s  are an odd colour)

Whatever you like! Honestly, its all getting thrown into a damn blender. Add some water and/or ice and blend up. NO JUICE. NO EXTRA SUGAR. Things that I have learned: If you are experimenting, do small doses.  It sucks when you have to toss so much of the grossness.  Straws, either bubble tea or slurpee straws, helped me so much with my lump phobia. Use a designated smoothie cup, I got one of those insulated things with a lid on it. I store it in the freezer and can share it with my toddler/ not worry about spills.  Keep experimenting. If you’re like me and cant get enough veggies in you, don’t have time to sit down and eat this is a fantastic way to keep on top nutrition and real life. Or if you are trying to lose weight, just replace a meal with a smoothie. You are drinking your veggies, fruits, carbs and proteins. (Just make sure to drink this as a meal not as a snack) Happy blending people!