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You guessed it folks,




I had the honour of growing up in the hills. My grandfather is currently 84  years old and still hikes more than some of my friends. He is the fittest hiker I’ve ever met.  He took all of his kids up and down the local and not-so-local mountains throughout British Columbia and all 5 of them turned out OK! 1533842_10202529486775829_924748789_n
I suppose its a family thing and perhaps I have a bias, but have you given hiking a try lately? Im not talking the super-fit-people-of-vancouver “hike”…. A.K.A The Grind. I’m talking about the: telling someone where you are going; packing food, ibuprofen, water, sunscreen, bells and moleskin kind of a hike.
 It always amazes me how many people have never experienced real hiking.  I hear clients, co-workers and friends say things like “look at that cool  bump over there” (BLACK TUSK)“Mount Seymour… hmmm. Never been!” (WHAT?!) “Hiking is so boring, I’d rather just go to cross fit and get a good workout in…” (FACEPALM).. But honestly out of everyone I know probably less than 15% like hiking or have even tried it.
We live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. BECA– USE ITS BEAUTIFUL AND SPECIAL. We have ocean, lakes, trees, trails and MOUNTAINS all over the place. And our mountains are fucking glorious. People come to visit our mountains from all over the world, honestly they are amazing. The pine beetle hasn’t infested them yet, our water is still pristine and if you move quickly you might make it to the top of Cypress before the West Vancouverites gate it all off to the public.
Hiking is the perfect exercise for:


(Be the coolest kid on the block with the best instagram pictures aroud!)


(Get those awesome hiking poles and slowly pass the out of shape “youth” on the way to the summit)


(Slow and steady wins the race, sit down and eat/ sleep whenever you want)


(No cars to hit you, learn about mother nature, you can run ahead and give everyone something to chase!)


(Nap time will be glorious afterwards, the little ones can get shoved in a pack and be dragged along, exercise the DOG!)


(Yes ALL OF you! The hills are ready for you. Even if you go slowly and only make it half way, the mountains are happy to reward you with surreal success stories and self confidence)


(yes.. I’m talking to you~~!!!! Once you take a slow deep breath, at the summit of a hard eared peak, surrounded by nothing but pride, moss, tress and a cool breeze. You will get it and Your blood pressure will get too.)



So please please! If you fall into any of the above categories. Please give hiking a try. Be sure to turn your phone on to airplane mode, take in the views and be thankful for our beautiful forests, air, water, bugs and views.
If you don’t know where to start here are a few suggestions:

(I’m just starting out with hiking!)
(I’m ready to challenge myself!)

Good luck and GIVER!