The crew
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The crew

This post is very overdue but I figure ‘’tis the season to shop local and give credit where it is due. There is no way this business could have been made without all the BEST local help. Networking and bartering /trading extraordinaire’s.
Here is a shout out to my rockstars that have pushed Happy & Healthy a little higher in the fitness world..


This guy is my go to dude and has been there since day one. He has taught me all about php, plugins, widgits, shortcodes and how to fricken CODE!!!!  EMMETT O’HARA has done all these late night meetings and blurry eyes phone calls basically on a good will path to sainthood. He has helped me create a page from scratch, move the entire page to wordpress & helped me with every single glitch that has ever come up. Emmett doesn’t even do this stuff for a living he has another job and still took the time to help me. SO thank you Emmett. You are the most patient person I have ever had the chance to work with. =)


Between bootcamps, merchandise, one on ones, teams, events, before and afters… There have been SOO many photoshoots! I need to thank TOM VENABLES for rocking out in the freezing cold and using his motorcycle headlight to illuminate the class. Thank you JASON HARYNUK who has all of a sudden turned into a rock star photographer and I should think that him shooting our bootcamps & my freezing ass in January had to be the reasoning for his career explosion =) Thank you BRENDA NELSON for driving in all the way in from Mission for all sorts of random merchandise, fitness, makeup, family and staged shoots. Thank you JOHN PREISSL for shooting with us and bringing Faolan and Lissette to the party with style.  If anyone is looking for a great photographer please feel free to contact these people, they are all amazing.


sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-22GRAPHIC DESIGN & MARKETING

MICHELE MYERS  is my hero. She has helped me with bringing the design of our famous little cartoons to life. She helped with the mats, the shirts, the pants, the logo, posters, multiple business cards, photo edits, currently helping with a car wrap and she keeps my hair looking oh so fly to boot. Shes the gal with the experience and a special eye for things that work (and fun to drink wine with too) If you need help with anything promotional shes your lady. Michele takes your silly little idea and masterfully makes your dreams come true.


Thank you to PAUL at A1 TAX BREAK who barely speaks English and has  been so patient with me walking in there with my hand written invoices, crumpled up receipts, stupid questions and a baby running around in the office. I have no idea what they do, but the government hasn’t caught me yet so they must be doing something right.