Things your trainer hates
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Things your trainer hates

  1. 020813flights_cancelledCancellations. Yes real life happens. But most last minute cancellations have nothing to do with real life. They all tend to revolve around a lack of commitment: I have my period,  I’m too tired, I’m too hungover, My boyfriend broke up with me, I forgot and have plans already… Its not fair to waste your trainer’s time with this crap. Trainer’s have a busy schedule that normally is catered to clients needs, we also have lives too. If you find you are cancelling too often, you need to reconsider if you are actually ready for a change. Look at it from our point of view, If someone repeatedly stood you up for a date… what kind of message are they sending you?

  2. 6-Packs-Abs

  3. Abdominal misconceptions. “I don’t have any abs” Yes, you do have abs. They may be weak & you may not know how to engage them; but I assure you if you had NO abs, you would be in the hospital. In order to achieve the flat chiseled abs you dream of… you need a calculated clean diet, along with crazy cardio and core exercises. You cant get a six pack if your partying on the weekend, even if you do a billion crunches a day.

  4. crying-baby

  5. I can’t. If trainers stop an exercise once someone said “I can’t” nothing would get done. Honestly most “I can’ters” don’t even know they are saying it. Don’t let your subconscious say out loud “I’m not good enough for this”  Try to recognize when and why you are saying it. Trust your trainer, they should know what you are and are not capable of. And when you DO IT, you will feel like a million bucks.

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  7. Sabotage. We spend hours prepping, training, motivating and investing in you. We celebrate more of your achievements than you do and we are filled with pride to see all your little accomplishments. We are also just as, if not MORE crushed when those numbers creep back up. It feels like you don’t respect our progress together sometimes. Please try to remember when you hire a trainer, you are no longer the only person worried about your health anymore.

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  9. Time wasters. We have a set time slot to get in so much. We have to warm up, workout hard and stretch. If you have to break after EVERY SINGLE exercise or have to slowly tie your shoelaces every 15 minutes or need to talk about your roommate and can’t exercise and talk at the same time…. it gets frustrating to say the least. And don’t you think we don’t know when you are burning time on purpose.


  10. 66cf8ddb80fdd838a79a7a6d6cf9b7177The thigh gap. This is UNbelievable. I have had SEVERAL clients try to hire me for the sole purpose of achieving the thigh gap. This is a perfect, disgusting, example of what the media and propaganda has done to an entire generation. No. I cannot and will not help you achieve the thigh gap. I am here to  help you with creating flexibility, strength, shape and power in your legs.

  11. Relying solely on a trainer to work miracles. We all have those clients that do NOTHING except see a trainer for a few hours a week. The clients that sit at work all day, eat junk food, don’t walk, bike, hike anywhere… People that hire a trainer and then a year later, wonder why they haven’t lost even ten of the eighty pounds they wanted to lose. Trainers are a supplement to a healthy active lifestyle; trainers guide and motivate you to push yourself safely and further than you would yourself. You still need to do all the hard work in the kitchen and still need to work hard at creating a well rounded happy and healthy