Weight loss Tips
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Weight loss Tips

Everyone always wants to know the tips and the secrets to the fastest weight loss solutions.

I used to say as a joke….. If I wrote a book about how eating dirt or sand would make you lose weight; I would become a millionaire. Because people are SO DESPERATE for a quick fix solution to their weight issues, they will pay through the nose for anything that gives them the results they need.

Until I discovered


Ugg.. what I was joking


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People are paying money,


to eat dirt,

to lose weight.

Head in Hands







Ok, OK everyone, lets all calm down. We all know there is no such thing as a quick fix, But we also know we don’t put on those extra pounds over night…… no matter what we say we ate last night.  However I feel weight loss and weight GAIN is like a snowball. Once you aim yourself in a direction and start a pattern, you are rolling. Most of us become blind to one direction however… E.G…”i’m sad ill just eat this pizza, I’m on my period… I had too much booze last weekend…..” Then BOOM !!!


It feels like it all came on suddenly, but we all know it has been creeping up over time. Ahhh yes, ignorance truly is bliss. However once you are all motivated to lose weight, it never comes off as fast as it needs to, IF AT ALL!!! People become frantic and start googling all sorts of shit. No carbs, zones, beyonce cleansers, high fibre, meal replacement shakes, dandelion teas, caffine & effederine, lazer treatments, body wraps ….. I had a client seriously consider eating a tapeworm once.


But Remember! Once you lose 5-10 pounds you will feel like a million bucks. Thus starting the other snowball affect.  SO! Here are a few tricks that I like to share with clients to get the snowball rolling in the other direction..

Only eat when you are hungry543914_511636842215105_1051796467_n Seriously, try it for a day. Only eat when your stomach is telling you its actually hungry. We spend so much time eating to prevent being hungry, we don’t even listen to our bodies anymore. Use the 1 to 10 hunger scale. Listen to your hunger and mentally gauge it. 1-3 is a meh… Im kinda hungry… 4-7 EAT. Don’t let yourself get to 8-10. We all know what happens when we get to 8-10 hunger, people get flipped off, husbands are yelled at, the dog goes into hiding and we eat whatever we can find, as soon as possible, as fast as possible. Only to feel unsatisfied and filled with regret. Eating when your hungry is also a wonderful nonchalant way to go about losing weight. When people go on these crazy diets everyone has something to say about it. “Thats terrible, you shouldn’t depriving yourself, I heard that doesn’t work…bla bla bla” if someone asks why you’re not indulging in another appetizer … just tell them “I’m not hungry right now, I will eat when I’m hungry” boom conversation done.

mindfulness-poster-580x333Eat mindfully we are all go go go these days, it seems impossible to sit down and enjoy a meal. Especially with TV, computers, iPads, iPods and phones CONSTANTLY our fingertips. Between facebook, emails and organizing some sort of a social life… We are just shoving things down our gullet without even tasting or chewing properly. Yes, sometimes hiding in the bathroom to quietly eat a chocolate bar without your toddler scratching at your legs is important. Just make An effort to prepare food, sit down to eat without any distractions, use utensils, smell, taste and feel. Appreciate what you are about to eat; perhaps even be thankful for the ability to eat such foods.


mindful-eating-lessSlow down Iam the fast eating winner. I have a feeling it has something to do with growing up with five other family members. It was always eat your food or someone else will. Or eat your food quickly because we have to go to rugby practice, soccer practice, pick your sister up or go to the horses. The way I got my fast eating under control and what I recommend to my clients is this. Just imagine you’re on a hot date… eating a delicious, dainty, expensive Meal. How would you be eating in the situation? Slowly and mindfully. You don’t want this person to see you inhale whatever is sitting on your plate. You are taking the time to talk to this person in between your bites. You’re putting utensils down every now and then. You’re sipping from your water or wine and you’re looking adorable. Just try to do that at home.

tumblr_lws5a1143u1qgygw7o1_500listen to your body when you were full This is just like the Hunger thing. We commonly have a disconnect between our brain and our stomach. Or between our emotions and our stomach. When we see food on our plate, a lot of people feel that they need to eat all of it. Or that more is going to make us feel better. I’m not saying scrape food off your plate and throw it away. Put leftovers in a Tupperware container, or eat off a smaller plate and come back for more if you need. They say it takes seven second for food to leave your mouth and arrive in your stomach. In seven seconds I could get three more bites in! Bite, swallow, THINK. IS YOUR HUNGER GONE NOW? Bite, swallow, THINK. Use the same 1 to 10 scale again. 1-3 yeah, im still hungry. ..keep eating. 4-7 ok im feeling full…stop eating. 8-10 discomfort, bloating, regret & disappointment. Try not to feel FULL, just aim to calm the hunger.

Eat More Fruit and Veggies It actually is that simple. We have all heard it for years, eat your fucking vegetables! I realized that since becoming a vegetarian I was eating way too little veggies, I basically became a carbatarian.  So I made this little thing up to find help track my fruit and veg intake. Sometimes I write down what I eat, other times I just fill in the the circles and have a look at it over the week. Some days, I only have a few veggie circles filled in so I make up for it another day. It helps me stay accountable,  It’s a reminder that I need to eat more vegetables.  You don’t need to do this, but I use it and love it. Just remember that eating healthier food helps with weight loss. Balanced diets are important. I’ll write a whole ‘nother blog post on why carbs are important…. Just focus on those fruits and veggies. They are important for weight loss AND preventing disease AND making you feel good, mentally and physically.

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