Well Wishes
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Well Wishes

Lissette is spreading her wings!

She is expanding her business and will be training clients through inner peace.

I’am happy that we were able to provide her with the experience she needed to take this step.

Since I wont be returning to Vancity anytime soon and I most likely won’t be hiring another Vancouver trainer.  It is my personal recommendation that whoever is currently training with Lissette or has trained with her in the past and enjoyed her style, please continue to do so.  It’s so hard to find a trainer that jives well with clients, and I would never want anyone to stop training with their trainer just because she is training under another title.

We wish her all the best of luck with her new endeavor and are thankful for her hard work with Happy & Healthy!


If anyone wishes to train with Faolan, he is a very experienced trainer who we are privileged to have.You can book sessions with him by emailing myself or through the Frontdesk booking site.