You cant lose weight on vacation
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You cant lose weight on vacation

For the longest time I used to be like everyone else…

Holy shit! I’m going on vacation in a month, I need to get swimsuit ready! ….. I bust my ass like a crazy person and the second that flight takes off ….. WOOOHHHOOO!!! Im eating  junk I vowed to never touch and Im drinking all the “free” sugary booze I can get my hands on, at all hours of the day. ‘Fuckit! Im on vacation!’

Then I come home and loathe myself for gaining all that weight back…. and then some… How can I have such amazing discipline, achieve results… only to sabotage my unappreciated success for a week of fun. Then I always struggle to get back on the wagon for a month. uuggg.

I just wanted to share a few stories for those that think you CAN’T lose weight on vacation.

I had a client that was going through a divorce. She was physically and emotionally drained. Her workouts were a great outlet for an endorphin rush and sometimes just a good place to punch some shit and have a good cry. She was going through a lot of change; a new home, new spouse, new fitness regiment and new job. Rightfully so she decided to take a vacation to Mexico for a week. However instead of friends and tequila….. She went on a yoga retreat by herself.
I saw her a few days after she returned and she looked absolutely amazing. Shev finally had a chance to take a step back, focus on herself, eat clean and breathe deep. Her abs were toned, her skin was kissed, her smile was bright and her aura glowed.

A few weeks later I had a client say `Fuckit! IM GOING ON VACATION!` She indulged in the trip of a lifetime and spent three weeks in France with her husband and kid. This client is great. She hired me with this exact quote “I don’t really want to lose weight, I just want to get in shape , feel better and be healthier.” (This healthy motivated quote doesn’t happen often for a trainer) She always worked hard and became a healthier happier person. The trip came around and I said bye bye to my special client, hoping to hell we didn’t have to start from day one all over again when she returned. “Just go on hikes! Be sensible, stay active, try to walk everywhere!…” I knew my desperate pleas fell upon deaf ears…….. When she came back home she looked absolutely lavishing and was down TEN POUNDS. (I had trained with her for more than a year and she had only gone down 7 pounds since we began) She gushed about how she ate cheese and fresh bread everyday, drank wine every evening, read a book every night, and had more sex than she did when she was a teenager. I couldn’t even believe it, how could this be? Shes eating and drinking all the amazing stuff I tell everyone NOT to eat? Well, she stopped worrying about work … (10 pounds right there) and she SLOWED DOWN. She didn’t answer one email, text or poke. She chilled out, and reconnected with the basics. Fresh food, no hustle bustle & lots of  loving….And holy hell did it ever show.

Only two months later I had a client leave for India for just about a month. (Jealous!) She and I had worked hard to achieve every inch of success. To be honest I was very worried about how this would affect her hard fought progress and I know she was too. We hugged and she was off on an adventure of a lifetime. It was as though a month passed in the blink of an eye, and it was time to hug hello again. I had thought about this moment while she was gone numerous times… Of all the reactions I had anticipated I had never imagined that I would have this reaction. … …I saw her… and before I heard a word from her mouth, I realised how monumental this trip was. Her clothing didn’t fit, the spark in her eyes was noticeable and her voice was full of bounce and cheer. She was officially a changed woman. She admitted she didn’t exercise much, however she ate FRESH MADE FOOD EVERYDAY. She spent time exploring a whole new world. This client lost ten pounds ON VACATION. With NO exercise. JUST FRESH COOKED FOOD. Thats it. That was all.

So I’am now a changed trainer. I can now say I will distinguish the difference between “IM ON VACATION” & “Im on vacation and I’m going to destroy my progress”
So! If you are planning on going on vacation… please try to REMEMBER…Other REAL people just like you, have managed to find success with vacation weight loss… AND IT IS POSSIBLE.

They just Utilized the common sense lessons they have learnt about fitness, food and weight loss. Somehow managed to go on vacation and maintain or even lose weight. They stressed less, they rested more, they appreciated life to the fullest and achieved a beautiful balance that so many of us strive for our whole entire lives. Less stress, more rest & balance = healthy vacation.